Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cheap chips at Wal-Mart

I was at Wal-Mart this morning and found Doritos on sale for $1.88. There were several varieties and was a big bag so stock up for the 4th!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Today I want to share a guest post with you. My wonderful hubs had a birthday yesterday. He shared this story with a close friend of ours and thought it would make you laugh like it did me, and I was there!!


Someone asked me yesterday how old I was. My response was this was my last little birthday. Next year is THE BIG ONE. The true test of my age came when I took the girls to the pool yesterday and they dared me to do a back flip. I declined on the basis that it’s been probably 15 years since my last back flip. That, of course, wasn’t good enough so they got all the other kids at the pool to start chanting “BACK FLIP, BACK FLIP, BACK FLIP….” Never one to back down from the challenges of 7-11 year old girls, I rose to my feet. Fully expecting to turn a back flip into a back flop just to shut them up. I walked to the side of the pool, turned around with my back to the water and with all the confidence I could muster knowing extreme pain was about to surge through my entire body and most likely linger for several days. I jumped into the air and threw my legs up over my head and braced for the pain. Surprisingly enough, the bottoms of my feet hit first. I did it. 39 years old and can still do a back flip. The kids loved it. Other parents were amazed. Danna was in total shock. (She had already dialed 911 and was holding her thumb on the green button ready to summon the ambulance.) And I was beaming with the confidence of my youth. The kids wanted an encore. Who was I to deny them that pleasure? I was a lean, mean flippin’ machine. Until I got out of the pool. I stood up on terra firma and realized that one flip had sucked all the strength out of my middle-aged legs. I felt like I was walking on wet noodles. Reality set in and I went back to the lawn chair to rest up for the 300 yard walk back home that was inevitable in the next 30 minutes. For one brief air-born moment I was 18 again. Thin, dark, nimble and athletic. Now I’m back to reality. Pudgy, pasty white, stiff and weak.
This story (as pathetic as it is) brings back lots of memories about the Elks pool. Good times….Good times.

Travis Reynolds

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What I learned today.

What a wonderful day we had today. This morning Travis made our favorite breakfast, banana nut pancakes! Yum! We noticed several months ago there was a pancake recipe on the back of the muffin package and thought we would try it. It is so yummy that we don't make banana nut muffins anymore. We always have pancakes! You have got to try them!

This afternoon the girls and I went to a Bridal shower for a dear friend. We had a great time seeing her so happy and surrounded by friends and family. She is a great girl and we are so happy for her.

This evening the girls and I went to the neighborhood pool. I love taking the girls but always hate the thought of putting a swim suit. You ladies know what I am talking about. The dreaded thoughts of "Do I look too fat?", "Will there be a young mom that looks great after having her kids?" I have these thoughts every time I go. Then, tonight, after everyone left and it was just us in the pool being silly doing water aerobics, I realized. My girls love me for who I am. They don't care if I am a few pounds heavier than I was before I had them or that my stomach is not flat like it used to be. They love it that I am there, swimming with them, having fun.

They will remember having pancakes, celebrating with a friend and going swimming. Not that I am no longer a size 4.
What did you learn today.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Chocolate!!

Don't forget today is free chocolate day! If you are one of the first 200,000 to register you will get a coupon for a free candy bar mailed to you. Click Here to sign up.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am so excited to have a blog. I hope to help you guys save money, laugh at my Lucille Ball antics, hear what God is doing in me and my family, and even learn some sewing tips.

I have to give a shout out to my friend Lisa who helped me come up with the name for my blog and to Tony, (one of our digerati guys) who was walking by and stopped him and asked for help. He did all kinds of web master stuff that I know NOTHING about but made the layout look so much nicer. Thanks!

I will post lots of different things on this blog, hence the name, and would also love to hear what is going on with you. I will speak me mind (which gets me into trouble from time to time), but hope that it is encouraging, light hearted, and brightens your day.

Thanks for reading!! Yeah! my first post!!