Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun at Bass Pro Shop and Bricktown!

Last night we went over to Bass Pro Shop after The Big Show at the Brick Town Ball Park.(more on that in a moment) There are so many things for the kids! They have a whole area set up with games, crafts, and Santa! This is the place to go to see Santa! There was NO line and they give you a free picture. I wish I had a picture to post of my girls with Santa but I could not get them to go talk to him. The 12 yr old said she was too old, and the 7 yr old was kind of scared. Santa tried his best to get Devyn to come over but she just would not do it. So I told the girls when they get old and have children of their own and ask why I don't have any pictures of them with Santa, I was going to remind them of this moment. (They did not buy the guilt trip either) :(

Hope all of you get to go check it out and hope your children cooperate and give you a picture of them with Santa! Go HERE to find out all the details and times.

The Big Show is a fun volunteer appreciation even that our church does for the volunteers. This year each campus did their own and the Edmond campus rented the Bricktown Ball Park for all of us to go sledding down the man made snow slide. It was a blast!! We had so much fun! We drank hot chocolate, ate cinnamon rolls and pretzels and did some tubin'. The 7 yr old, that would not go talk to Santa, went down the big slide twice! She said she was not going down the kiddy slide when she was tall enough to go down the big one. I will post some pictures when I get them downloaded from my camera.
If you get a chance to go sledding, go. It will not disappoint you!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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