Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mail you get when you turn 40!

So, this year I will turn 40. What? Oh you guys are too kind for saying I don't look that old! I have a few more months until I have to think about it so I try not to. A few days ago, as I was looking through the mail I notice something addressed to me. Upon reading it I realized it was a postcard from the Menopause Center of Oklahoma!!! Is this the type of mail I can expect to get now that I am turning 40?! I have at least 10 years before going through "the change" so why so early on the mail! Are they afraid they will not get my business if they don't send correspondence now? I guess I can call and make an appointment for September 2020.
I showed Travis and he got a big laugh out of it.

What can you do????

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