Wednesday, January 27, 2010

General Mills cereal

A few weeks ago, General Mills and MyBlogSpark sent me 4 coupons for free boxes of General Mills cereal. Now that GM has put less sugar in their cereals they wanted families to try them out and give them some feedback. I was so excited when I got my coupons in the mail. I immediately went to the store and got a box of cereal for my girls to try. I did not tell them it had less sugar then it use to have. I wanted to see if they could tell. They picked out Cookie Crisp. In a couple of days, the box was devoured and they did not say a thing! They could not tell.

The next box we picked out was Cinnamon Toast Crunch (which is their favorite). They loved it!! They were begging to have it for dinner. Again, they had no idea it had less sugar and did not notice anything about the taste or texture.

A few days ago, I got another box of Cookie Crisp and a box of Lucky Charms. They have loved them! I have had a bowl of each for breakfast the last few days now that we are off our fast. Both are so yummy and knowing they have less sugar, makes me feel so much better about eating them. The texture has not changed with any of the ones we have tried, nor has the flavor. I love the new formula and are so pleased General Mills is thinking about what they can do to make their cereals more nutritious. So, if you are mom like me, who wants to give her kids some fun cereal without worrying they are overloading on sugar, then try out General Mills cereal.

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