Friday, August 7, 2009

Leadership Summit

Today was another day of great speakers at the Leadership Summit. The morning started off with Dave Gibbons. He talked about "Third Culture Leadership". He was engaging and was the perfect person to start the day. The next guy was Andrew Rugasira. He spoke about "Aid vs Trade' in Africa. What an amazing man. He has changed Africa by helping the people start their own business. He really inspired a call to action. Before lunch, Wess Stafford, the President and CEO of Compassion International, gave the most emotional talk of the day. He explained everything that happened to him as a missionary child in South Africa and how it lead him to reach out to the children there. He is an amazing man and shows that God can take something that Satan means for evil, and turn it into something for the good of God's kingdom.

After lunch, our Pastor, Craig Groeschel, interviewed Chip and Dan Heath. They are brothers and have written the new book "Switch'. They were great and really made you think.
We also saw an interview Bill Hybels taped with Bono. He was amazing and is doing great things to end the poverty in Africa. What an inspiring human being.
The day ended with Tony Blair who of course, was interesting.

I am so blessed to have been able to attend and know I will be remembering things from the last two days for many weeks to come.

It was a wonderful 2 days!

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